Ryan Brothers Ambulance utilizes Philips Heart Smart MRX cardiac monitors that allow us to transmit 12 lead EKGs from the field to receiving facilities.  We are also capable of monitoring patients who are being transported with an arterial line in place.  We utilize IVAC Mini Med 3 channel IV pumps, which allow us to transport patients with multiple IV drips.  We have multiple in-house ventilators that make it possible for us to transport a variety of vented patients from the simple to the most complex.  We are also able to transport patients that require both rescue and chronic CPAP.  All of our employees go through extensive training to properly operate and apply a variety of state of the art equipment to accommodate all patient needs.

Ryan Brothers Ambulance maintains an extensive drug inventory to address both stable and unstable patients. Each ambulance carries a full array of medications to handle anything from low blood glucose to cardiac arrest. We record Patient Care Reports using Lenovo PCs and the Tri Tech Fusion system. In addition, all ambulances are equipped with Drive-Cam technology, which greatly enhances the safety of our patients and crews. Cameras mounted on the windshield constantly record video inward and outward from the cab and save footage in the event the ambulance makes a sudden stop or turn or comes in contact with another object.